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Luna Larkin
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Luna Larkin

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Hiya and welcome to my page. I am a young, learning artist of 13. I'm a semi realistic artist, who enjoys doing original art as well as the occasional Harry Potter fanart (Hufflepuff here). I love horses too but fail to draw them (i need to practice more :D). I also do photography but i don't post it much sorry, and occasionally photo manipulation too. I dont tend to draw my OCs and don't get on deviant enough i'm afraid. I work for ElvenTale-Fans as a concept artist, developer and co-owner.
:airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne: :airborne:

Go check out my sister's page Rosie-draws-art and my IRL friend's MoonTheMoon page

.:PAGEDOLL:. Luna and Clara (personal use only) by Rosie-draws-art This art was done by Rosie-draws-art, Its of her (left) and me (right) Owo
We know also have a new adoptive sister (not in real life she is actually a friend) Tayla plushtrap-likes-cake but this was made before she came so ya.

By the way, my hair is dark auburn and a short bob, though it's growing.

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I have been really busy, because I have been loaded with homework that I have been spending hours on.

Also I just finished Mockingjay can I CRY NOW


I have been really busy, because I have been loaded with homework that I have been spending hours on.

Also I just finished Mockingjay can I CRY NOW

Twila fact profile:

Twila Crei 
Age: 17
Citizen Rank: Ladies/lords (Her family is a part of Rosie's Royal court)
Species: Enlightened 
Affiliation: Light kingdom
Element: Wind
Personality: Gossipy, snobbish, Boastful, popular, unkind. She is pressured to do well by her parents.
Flying speed: 509 of out 1000
Hit Speed: 376/1000
Strength: 406.2/1000
Wing span: 1.1
height: 6.5' (average for fully grown elves is 7'4 they stop growing, which is at age 15)
Emblem:  Swan (its a part of her families crest, and they are a big part of her childhood.)
Level: 5
Swordsmanship: 0.1/1000 (Never used one XD)
Archery skill: 494/1000 (She trains with a private master and goes hunting for fun. She often boasts of her skill when really, many who have properly trained as a cadet would be much better. She never trained as a cadet, because her mother thought that a noble lady had much better things to do and that she shouldn't be fraternising with such low life anyway) (I hope I spelt that right XD)


The Crei family have been a part of the royal court for a very long time. Her great, great, great, great, great (yup) used poison to help make their way to nobility. 

She was born on the 20/02. She lived in the royal manor that had been passed down for centuries. She often played in the back yard, where there was a pond full of swans, and they were so used to her presence they never flew off when she approached the river. Instead, they remained wary of her. The chicks would often come up and greet her, and she used to name them. Whenever on was abandoned or sick, she would take it inside, and care for it, much to her mother's dismay. 

She never started learning archery until she was nine, because her parents thought it was a noble sport, and shouldn't be used by commoners. Her archery master was a slightly cruel man who was impatient. Her parents had always pushed her, she had to win the charms of all the adults at the royal court, and make acquaintances with everyone in the queen's court. She had to win all the archery competitions, and get all the best grades. Pressured, she soon started to turn into a bitter, snobbish girl. She gossiped constantly at the court. 

Soon, she hunted regularly, and she killed swans. She stayed with the court's fashions, much to her parent's dismay. (such as more modern dresses, short, revealing etc, as if medieval clothing was given a modern twist)


So yeah! She was created for some background characters in the comic, and to give some diversity to the characters.

The (really bad) Twila ref link is right here: 

Sucky Twila ref, new OC owo

Rosie: Rosie-draws-art 

Elventale au: (ElvenTale-Fans)
and me


Twila profile, backstory etc (updated slightly)
I feel like her backstory is ever so slightly cheesy, but there you have it. I'm not going to be drawing her too much, she was made for use of the comic XD Rosie-draws-art plz add to correct folder since it won't let me. I will show you how to make it so I can upload, since I can't change the settings myself XD 
Sucky Twila ref, new OC
Text coming about her soon :)
Can't talk for long.
I wish I Had a steady hand
Species from the elven Au ElvenTale-Fans and the species is made by Rosie-draws-art. AU is mostly hers, mine and plushtrap-likes-cake 
Hello! This is Clara, my sister (Rosie-draws-art) persona! She's a grim Reaper. Anyways, this will be a part of a collection, I've also done Luna (upload tomorrow) and that means I also have to do plushtrap-likes-cake Persona Tarlan Larkin because that's their adopted sister. I haven't asked her yet XD. I drew this a while ago, like before she got added to the fam XD.

*finally uploads*



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